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Terrafirma are a growing multi-disciplinary team providing innovative and industry-leading environmental information. As a market disruptor, Terrafirma have undergone rapid expansion over the past four years and are now looking to expand into new academic and commercial opportunities.

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Product Developer:

Terrafirma is looking for an enthusiastic and driven mind who will join a team of innovative geologists and data scientists. The main responsibility of the successful candidate will be to support and develop both new and existing products by advancing Terrafirma’s existing report generation and IT systems. The candidate will work closely with the Reports and Information team to drive forward and build innovative industry-leading environmental reports.

Please see the full job description and apply via the link:

How can I get involved? 

We are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic geoscientists to help make Terrafirma even better than it already is! We are building a formidable team of experts, with the sole aim of changing the way environmental risk is perceived, managed and acted upon within the Built Environment. If you have an interesting CV and a desire to positively change and innovate, then we always welcome expressions of interest. Please send any cover letters and CVs and contact us here for further information. 

At Terrafirma, we are dedicated to being involved at an academic level and we realise that our archives and electronic resources could be an invaluable research tool. That’s why our Research and Development Team is currently composed of only the best and brightest young geologists from universities across the UK. We regularly offer work experience, placements and internships and have had great success with our students staying on and succeeding in permanent roles. 

If you are an undergraduate geologist or geoscientist and would like to be involved here at Terrafirma, what are you waiting for!?