About Terrafirma

Terrafirma’s mission is to enable everyone to better understand the ground – the foundation of where we live and do business. We translate complex geological and engineering risks into useful and intelligent information to allow professionals and the public to make informed decisions. Terrafirma’s collaborative and industry-leading approach uses the expertise of our specialist team of professional geologists, engineers and scientists and the latest data analysis techniques to answer our client’s questions on the ground for insurance, finance, property and infrastructure.

“Environmental hazards are a specialist area of expertise and relying solely on data and regional knowledge is not enough – data needs professional interpretation so that professionals and the public alike are armed with the best advice upon which they can act accordingly.”
— Tom Backhouse, CEO and Founder of Terrafirma

We use our innovative technology for rapid assessment of issues such as historical mining, fracking, radon exposure and ground movements. We believe in clear, actionable advice and specialise in concise, simple-to-use reports and data solutions, backed by Terrafirma’s professional team.

Terrafirma has pioneered a collaborative approach with data providers and clients to look for new opportunities to provide value. We are proud to be the first commercial company licensed by The Law Society to produce the official CON29M Coal Mining report and we set industry standards through supporting the development of the PCCB Search Code. The launch of our Ground Report has established a new benchmark in conveyancing by encompassing all the key ground related property risks.

We are focused on continually improving our services through research and development, using our systems to validate data by combining it with new information such as remote sensing. We were the first company to incorporate satellite ground movement data into a commercial report, using this to minimise the impact of property blight.

Inaccurate information on ground risk issues, such as mining, can cause serious harm to the public in the form of stress or devaluation of properties. Terrafirma is committed to public education using its status as a trusted brand, supported by recognised experts skilled in effective communication, to provide a source of reliable independent advice. We regularly feature on radio and television as well as hosting frequent professional CPD sessions.

Terrafirma’s success has resulted in a rapid expansion. However, as we grow, we maintain the agile, professionally led approach that enables us to exploit the advantages of new technologies such as AI and machine learning for the benefit of our clients and the environmental risk sector as a whole.