When it rains it falls... wet weather causes ground instability across UK

The recent severe weather has the UK on course for what could be the wettest June on record. Torrential and persistent rain has been falling across the British Isles, with some villages experiencing 73mm of rainfall in a 28-hour period. This has resulted in The Environment Agency issuing 25 flood warnings…

Sinkhole in Plantation Gardens, Norwich

On 9th April 2016, a 20-foot-deep sinkhole appeared at Norwich’s Plantation Garden, causing subsidence cracks to the neighbouring hotel on Earlham Road. This is a stone’s throw away from the 1988 sinkhole which swallowed a double-decker bus. The Plantation Garden is itself an old chalk quarry, with multiple mining tunnels leading off it. It is the collapse of a mining tunnel that is thought to have caused this sinkhole.