St Alban's Sinkhole: Part 2

St Alban's Sinkhole: Part 2 - Terrafirma explore the possible causes of the recent #StAlbans #Sinkhole for a recent @BBC3CR #Radio #Interview.

Early on the 6th November a ‘sinkhole’ appeared adjacent to a block of flats in a residential area of St Albans. Early reports of the collapse noted an approximately 6 metre wide hole located next to an exterior wall of an apartment building at Cedar Court. 

The Impact of Coal Mining

Explore the legacy the UK's once great coal mining industry has left on property and land in Terrafirma's new Infographic. With almost a third of all buildings in the UK underlain by coal mines, over 9000 recorded hazards and a new mining subsidence claim made every week of the year, it is essential to understand the risks present to form intelligent reporting and management solutions for professionals and public alike.

Click the link and read on to explore in more detail about the impact of coal mining on property and land across the UK:

Introducing: The Ground Report.

Terrafirma launches pioneering new report to improve understanding and management of the risks the ground poses. 

Terrafirma, an expert provider of environmental information and data intelligence, today launched the Ground Report, a risk and liabilities report designed to enable property professionals to better identify, manage and resolve ground and environmental hazards. The Ground Report satisfies recent new best practice guidance on mining and natural ground perils, published by The Law Society in the 25th Edition Conveyancing Law Handbook.  

For further information on the Ground Report visit or call 0330 900 7500.

Terrafirma CEO on Rip Off Britain: Live

Terrafirma CEO Discusses Lender Policy on Mine Entries.

Earlier today, Terrafirma's CEO and Founder, Tom Backhouse featured on the new series of the Rip Off Britain: Live Series on BBC One. Tom was invited on to offer advice to a frustrated home-owner who has fallen victim to her property being located close to an historical coal mine shaft, making it impossible to sell.

The property has seen its market value drop by £61,000 and despite being up for sale multiple times, it remained unsold earlier this year at a property auction in the West Midlands. 

Collapse/Sinkhole in Brow Gate, Baildon

On September 25th, 2017, a large sinkhole appeared on the pavement at a pedestrian crossing in Brow Gate, Baildon, causing traffic disruption indefinitely.  According to a pedestrian, the sinkhole opened within a time frame of a few minutes. Gas engineers from Northern Gas Networks are assessing the damage.

The local geological conditions are favourable for subsidence; superficial till (composed of clay) deposits shrink under prolonged dry conditions and 19th Century, unrecorded utilities infrastructure may be the cause of the collapse.