Hello and Welcome to Terrafirma. 

Terrafirma are a multi-disciplinary team providing innovative and industry-leading environmental information. We translate complex risks into useful and intelligent information for professionals and the general public, with a deep-rooted and collective ambition to enable everyone to better understand the ground. Our team of expert geologists, engineers and scientists are widely recognised across the legal, lending, insurance and financial risk sectors as pioneers in ground and sub-ground data, information, risk assessment and reporting solutions.

Our innovative and collaborative approach to environmental risk and impact assessment ensures that professionals and consumers alike are forewarned to the reality and variety of risks the environment can pose to properties and land across the UK. From historical mining to the future of shale gas extraction and the impact of radon exposure to the risks of natural ground movement, Terrafirma can not only provide insight to data but the expert solutions required to inform and action where necessary.

We believe in providing clear, actionable advice. Terrafirma are proud to the first commercial company to be provided a license for the official CON29M Coal Mining report by The Law Society. Click here to find out more.


Our Mission

Characterised by our professional yet personal approach to customer service, Terrafirma’s mission is to change perceptions and increase awareness by leading the way in delivering due-diligence solutions to UK environmental risks.

As part of an ongoing nationwide education programme we aim to broaden knowledge of environmental issues in the UK, part of which is nurturing talent from the UK’s young geo- and environmental science community and working with regulatory bodies to influence the development of industry understanding and standards.

“Environmental hazards are a specialist area of expertise and relying solely on data and regional knowledge is not enough – data needs professional interpretation so that professionals and the public alike are armed with the best advice upon which they can act accordingly,”
— Tom Backhouse, CEO & Founder of Terrafirma