The Ground Report

A turning point in the provision of environmental information

The Ground Report is a risk and liabilities report designed to enable property professionals to better identify, manage and resolve ground and environmental hazards. The Ground Report satisfies recent new best practice guidance on mining and natural ground perils, published by The Law Society in the 25th Edition Conveyancing Law Handbook (available to purchase 17th September here). For more information, please click the above link.

Including expert professional opinion, risk assessment and risk transfer, the Ground Report uses data-driven technology solutions to model and intelligently analyse the potential impact of all man-made and natural ground perils on property and land purchases, mortgage lending and development activity.

Using the unique UserKey, the Ground Report translates the risk from all mining activity, subsidence, sinkholes, radon, fracking, mineral planning activity and many more ground perils to enable property purchasers and property professionals alike to better understand the ground. Additionally, and following Terrafirma becoming the first commercial company to be licensed to produce the CON29M legal form, the Ground Report includes an integrated official Terrafirma CON29M (2018).

Furthermore, in an industry first, the Ground Report includes expert evidence-based modelling, not only assessing the risk of a potential hazard, but intelligently analysing a ‘proof of movement’ database, that includes over 120,000 investigated subsidence claims and almost 10,000 sinkholes. The unique ‘Ground Movement’ module also includes ‘never seen before’ space data from our partner CGG’s InSAR data from Sentinel-1 satellite.

Please contact a Terrafirma Partner if you would like to find out more information or would like to discuss using the Terrafirma Ground Report.