Terrafirma CEO appointed as member of The Geological Society Council

Terrafirma are very proud to announce that our founder, Tom Backhouse, has today been elected to council, within The Geological Society. He will also serve on the Professional Committee. Following a successful round of voting earlier this year, Tom’s candidature was yesterday put to the Society AGM and accepted…

Fracking: Election Update 2017

It has long been accepted that we fear what we don’t know. Fracking has divided public opinion, with its relatively recent appearance on our shores following an exponential industrial growth in North America, leaving many unanswered questions. A national and political agenda, focused on energy and resource security through what may be volatile years ahead, is somewhat contradicted by local and community-scale worry of a poorly understood industry. Public perceptions have highlighted the lack of academic study into the risks posed to health and the environment, coupled with concerns about the effect on enjoyment of property and the local area and perhaps importantly, the impact on asset value.