Terrafirma Commits support to CoPSO future

Terrafirma has today announced they are extending their existing role within the Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) as ongoing Executive Members. Following a hugely successful 12 months, in which Terrafirma launched the first alternative and official CON29M and have become the second largest provider of mining reports in the UK…

Terrafirma feature on BBC The One Show

Terrafirma’s CEO and Founder, Tom Backhouse, recently travelled to St Albans to film with BBC The One Show. Using new and emerging technologies, such as satellite observation and data modelling, Terrafirma can peel back time, and the ground, to reveal what lies beneath…

Terrafirma CEO appointed as member of The Geological Society Council

Terrafirma are very proud to announce that our founder, Tom Backhouse, has today been elected to council, within The Geological Society. He will also serve on the Professional Committee. Following a successful round of voting earlier this year, Tom’s candidature was yesterday put to the Society AGM and accepted…

A look ahead to 2018

The age of solely relying on data in property and environmental risk assessment is being rapidly replaced with a demand for interpretation, risk transfer and professional opinion. Over the past few years there has been a visible shift in the way that professionals and the public perceive hazards such as…

Hurricanes and Sinkholes

With Ex-Ophelia currently hitting the headlines and the UK's shores, Terrafirma's Engineering Geologist Codi Morton explores the links between hurricanes or storm events and ground instability.

Terrafirma continues to grow!

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Terrafirma are excited to welcome some recent additions to the Team in Bristol!

Firstly, we have Theo Faull joining us as Head of GIS. Theo is an experienced GIS professional and will be focusing on sourcing new data, expanding and developing our bespoke GIS and managing our extensive data library!

Ben Magnin, a recent Master’s graduate in Geology, has also joined us as Head of Service Development. Ben will be focusing largely on enhancing our services, improving our products and supporting our search team.

Finally, but not least, Tim Longden, another recent Master’s graduate in Geology, has joined as our Head of Business Partnerships. Tim has a busy role however is excited to get started. His focus will be on developing and maintaining our crucial relationships with our nationwide network of clients and business partners. Tim will be out and about – so we are sure it won’t be long until you are in contact with him!

These new additions are sure to add to an already professional, experienced and innovative team at Terrafirma.