Terrafirma Official CON29M

The most advanced CON29M Report yet

Terrafirma was the first commercial organisation to be licensed as a report producer by The Law Society, enabling them to provide a new and enhanced official CON29M Report. The Terrafirma CON29M is a best of breed coal mining report that uniquely combines all Coal Authority data, Terrafirma’s expert knowledge of geohazards and advice from a panel of recognised industry professionals, to assess the risk to land and property in coal mining areas.

Following extensive feedback from industry, Terrafirma updated their official CON29M Report in April 2019 with the following additions:

  • A Mine Entry Interpretative Report, included as standard when a mine entry is recorded within 20 metres of a property

  • An ‘at a glance’ expert opinion, answering the important questions so you don’t have to

  • Our UserKey, translates the risk of coal mining activity into clear advice for the lender, conveyancer and purchaser

  • Increase in Loss of Value Insurance from £50,000 to £100,000 per report

More data and interpretation at no extra cost

The official Terrafirma CON29M Report offers many improvements including better data processes, risk screening and assessment which all help to ensure a prospective purchaser will have a better understanding of what coal mining risks face their property. This will eliminate the requirement for a solicitor to report on a liability they may not have detailed knowledge of and reduce the amount of time a solicitor spends reporting back to the client or the lender.

The report covers all CON29M questions and legal form, under The Law Society Licence (2018).

  • Clear, reliable and authoritative 'at a glance' expert opinion

  • Comprehensive terms and conditions, with liability for professional opinion passing to Terrafirma, protecting client, lender and solicitor

  • Includes a Mine Entry Interpretive Report, as standard

  • An unrivalled pass rate of over 99%, saving time, money and increasing efficiencies

  • Better data analysis meaning higher pass rates, all protected by £10 million Professional Indemnity per report

  • Official data licensed from the Coal Authority and updated weekly

  • Satisfies Law Society CON29M (2018) best practice guidance

  • Loss of Value Insurance policy covering any subsequent change in Coal Authority data (up to £100,000 for the lifetime of the property ownership)


“We welcome the official CON29M from Terrafirma, whose commitment to innovation and service will lead to greater choice for solicitors and ultimately benefit the house-buyer.”

Andrew Lloyd, Search Acumen


For the Solicitor

  • 99% of Terrafirma CON29M reports are passed and delivered within 24 hours

  • Satisfies all Law Society CON29M (2018) best practice guidance plus clear, concise and expert interpretation and improved risk screening

  • Professional Indemnity cover of up to £10 million per report, protecting client and solicitor

  • Loss of Value Insurance covering any subsequent change in Coal Authority data (up to £100,000 for the lifetime of the property ownership)

  • A professional opinion written by industry experts for you to send on to your client, with clear report outcomes and an ‘at a glance’ risk rating and key questions for rapid assessment

  • Includes Mine Entry Interpretative Report as standard (saving £150 per report when a mine entry is identified within 20 metres) and up to a week saved in transaction times

  • Includes data such as nearby subsidence claims (previously only available from The Coal Authority at an additional cost). This significantly lowers the risk screening time-frame and cost

  • Official data licensed from the Coal Authority updated weekly

  • An expert team of geologists to discuss report findings with, either the solicitor or the purchaser

For the Lender

  • Reliance on Terrafirma terms and conditions

  • A clear and expert explanation of the impact on the property value

  • A professional opinion of the impact on the normal lending process

For The Client

  • Clear advice on the potential impact on selling and development of the property

  • Faster completion times

  • Fewer additional reports required

  • Professional Indemnity protection up to £10 million per report

  • All follow-up services, including additional desktop and on-site investigation

  • Loss of Value Insurance policy covering any subsequent change in Coal Authority data (up to £100,000 for the lifetime of the property ownership)

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