Enhanced Coal Mining Reports. 

TerraSearch Coal is a regulated CON29M-Compliant report, including all licensed Coal Authority data, a built-in loss of value insurance policy and comprehensively answering the official CON29M questions, satisfying Law Society and Lender compliance.

Terrafirma have transformed the way in which mining and ground risks are assessed, by including enhanced data not available to the Coal Authority, enhanced liability protection and expert interpretation, our coal mining reports can now accurately quantify the risk to a property from nearby mine entries, hazards, shallow mining and subsidence claims.

A professional opinion is provided within each report protected by £10 million Professional Indemnity, available to all parties within a property transaction and ensuring the clients are better protected from incorrect or missing information.

Coal mining risk assessment redefined in a modern, professional report designed to suit the needs of the UK’s Built Environment Sector.

Key Features of the TerraSearch Coal Range: 

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TerraSearch Coal

Residential “CON29M-Compliant” report (Past, Present & Planned extraction)

Regulated by the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB)

Contains all Official Licensed Data provided by the Coal Authority

Includes additional, enhanced data resources from BGS, Historical Maps, Local records and Site Investigations

Includes the Terrasearch® Coal & Brine Report Indemnity Policy up to £50,000 loss in market value of the property.

All reports protected by an expert professional opinion

“Pass” or “Further Action” outcome with concluding statement to be inserted into a client care letter

Inclusion of full Subsidence Claims, retiring the requirement for additional, costly Subsidence Claims Reports

£10 Million Liability Limit per report

Delivered within two days (48 hours)


Terrasearch coal extra

Includes all the benefits and features of the TerraSearch Coal Mining Report. 

Alerts for an additional 55 Non-Coal mining hazards

Assure “No Risk” Certificate included where Non-Coal risk screen is a “Pass”

Professional assessment of a sites development potential

Report author’s contact details provided for direct support queries

Includes expert interpretation and full claims information for Cheshire Brine

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Interested in the TerraSearch Coal Range?

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