Protecting Against Liability. 

TerraSearch® Assure is designed to support due diligence and risk management for the property and legal sector by packaging data and interpretation to provide a professional certification that expertly locates the risk to a site from all hazards associated with the UK’s mineral extraction legacy.

The unique TerraSearch® platform is a tool that enables property professionals to locate potential mining and ground hazards within a residential or commercial site. TerraSearch® instantly screens the risk from all UK past and present mineral extraction, including over 60 mining hazards such as coal, brine, tin, stone, gypsum, lead, limestone, iron, clay and many more.

TerraSearch® Assure is required where the site is identified to be outside the Terrafirma Hazard zones, satisfying lender compliance and offering complete protection from past underground mining through a built-in £10 million bespoke Professional Indemnity Cover protecting all parties within a property transaction.

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The TerraSearch® platform addresses the risks linked with the UK’s mineral extraction legacy by offering a cost-effective solution that provides instant, property-specific certification as well as protection and peace of mind to a client through TerraSearch® Assure.

Key Features of the TerraSearch Assure:

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    1. TerraSearch® Assure is available for Commercial and Residential sites.
    2. TerraSearch® Assure provided instantly via integration or via Terrafirma’s website.
    3. Certification by an experienced geologist based on expert hazard interpretation.
    4. Each TerraSearch® Assure is backed by Terms and Conditions that include a £10 million Professional Indemnity Policy that can be relied upon by all parties in a property transaction.
    5. All reports are compliant with COPSO and The Search Code. 

    Interested in using TerraSearch® Assure?

    Explore a Residential TerraSearch Assure Sample report by using the link to the right. Contact us for further residential and commercial sample reports.

    To explore the benefits and features within the TerraSearch Assure reports, please use the link on the right to read and download the product card.

    Please contact a Terrafirma® Partner if you would like to find out more information or would like to discuss access to TerraSearch® Assure.