Driven by Data

Translating complex ground risk

into expert opinion for legal due dilligence

Our Reports

Our team of experts combine over 10 million GeoData points with expert interpretation and evidence-based hazard modelling to clearly identify all ground hazards. Each report assesses the risk of instability to property and land, providing professional opinion and actionable advice for legal due diligence.

Driven by GeoData, Interpreted by Geologists.

Our unique TerraSearch® platform enables property professionals to simply screen for all mining and ground hazards within a residential or commercial site, and guides the due diligence process by indicating which report is advised in relation to the presence of ground hazards.

This invaluable tool for property professionals instantly screens for all recorded past mineral extraction, including over 55 minerals, such as coal, brine, tin, stone, gypsum, lead, limestone, iron, clay and many more. TerraSearch® also screens for natural ground hazards, such as landslides, soluble rocks, running sands, collapsible deposits, compressible ground and clay-related subsidence.

TerraSearch® is a cost-effective tool to guide the conveyancer and purchaser as to which Terrafirma reports should be purchased to assess the risk of ground instability and enable a more informed decision within the property transaction.

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