Our Vision

To transform how we understand the ground

Our Mission

To become a national centre for geo-scientific excellence and innovation, advancing the commercial applications of GeoData.

Utilising our expertise, bleeding-edge technology and big data, it is our ambition to unlock the value and unravel the complexities of the ground, enabling a safer, sustainable and more resilient society.

Our Story

Terrafirma was founded in 2015 with a clear ambition, to use our academic background to translate the scientific principles, complex processes and dynamic factors that control ground movement into opinion, advice and intelligent solutions that could enable smarter decision-making and transform ground risk assessment.

We have grown into a company unafraid to challenge the status quo, confident in our ability to positively disrupt and influence regulation, decision-making and business. It is how we became the first commercial company to be licensed to produce an official CON29M report, it is how we became the UKs leading provider of ground risk reports and it is how we continue to push the boundaries of what is commercially possible with geo-science and GeoData.

Our future is one where our innovative and intelligent solutions are at the core of simple, day-to-day decision making. Buying a house, developing land, investing money, planning our towns and cities; all will be influenced by Terrafirma and a better understanding of the ground.

  • August 2015

    Tom Backhouse formed Terrafirma with the ambition to educate the conveyancing sector about mining-related ground stability risk.

  • July 2016

    The TerraSearch suite of searches was launched, bringing Assure, Assess and Action to the market.

  • February 2017

    Terrafirma launch regulated coal reports.

    July 2017

    CEO and Founder, Tom Backhouse received a special ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ at the Modern Law Conveyancing Awards 2017 for his contributions to risk assessment in the conveyancing process.

    The team grows and moves to into offices at Aztec West, Bristol.

  • July 2018

    Terrafirma becomes the first commercial organisation to be licensed by the law society to produce the official CON29M report.

  • April 2019

    Terrafirma expands its executive, development and marketing team and establishes the GeoData division.

    October 2019

    Launch of the inaugural application of the National Ground Risk Model.

Meet the Team

Tom Backhouse

CEO & Founder

Danny Powell-Thomas

Operations Director

Chris Milne

Technical Director

Science and Communications Director

Lucy Oxer

Chief Data Officer Terrafirma

Rachael Hodge

Senior Commercial Manager

Ben Magnin

Head of Research & Development

Tim Longden

Head of Operations

Maura Partridge

Head of Searches

Robin Morris

Head of Software Development

Theodore Faull

Head of GIS & Data

Edward Ramstedt

Business Development Manager

Victoria Stinchcombe

Marketing Coordinator

Evy Hughes


Robert Waggett

Software Developer

Dan Berriman

Non-Executive Director

Join the Team


Aztec-West, Bristol

To support and develop new and existing products to build industry-leading environmental reports.


Aztec-West, Bristol

To support and develop both new and existing products by advancing Terrafirma’s existing report generation and IT systems.

We welcome expressions of interest from bright individuals who would like to join our team, and regularly offer work experience and internships.

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